Additional Topics (XE-A,B & E)

Additional Topics (XE-A,B & E)

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Complete Online Video Lectures on Additional Topics of XE-A,B & E for GATE-XE. Course covers Additional topics and Previous Year questions of XE-A, B & E as listed below,

  1. Engineering Mathematics-XE-A
    • Sequence & Series
    • Initial Value Theorem
    • Method of Variation of Parameters
    • Legendre Equations(Power Series)
    • Sturn Liouvelle theorem
    • PDE
    • Separation of Variables(PDE)
    • Lagrange linear Equation
    • De Movires Theorem
    • PYQs of XE-A
  2. Fluid Mechanics-XE-B
    • Reynolds Transport Theorem
    • Navier's Stokes Equation
    • Ideal Fluid Flow(Potential flows)
    • Lift & Drag Concepts
    • Stokes Law & Terminal Velocity Concept
    • PYQs of XE-B
  3. Thermodynamics-XE-E
    • Compressibility Factor
    • 3rd law of Thermodynamics
    • PYQs of XE-E

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Course includes:

  • Online Video Lecture for GATE/ESE/other PSU Exams on Additional Topics of XE-A,B & E delivered by Vinoth Kumar
  • Explanations with Physical Significance
  • Solved example Problems with video explanation
  • Section wise Test 

Frequenctly Asked Questions:

1)Is it a Live Online Class?

  • No, it is Pre-recorded video lectures and can be accessed from web or mobile app.

2) Can I use the Videos in offline Mode?

  • Offline Mode accessibility is possible in Android App/IOS App.

3) Can I download the videos?

  • No, You should not download the videos.  Downloading the videos or sharing your access or trying to sell is legally punishable offence and if any such activities are identified you will be legally punished and a huge penalty will be imposed.

4) Will I get constant support from EEA team after registration?

  • EEA will be in constant touch with the students, through whatsapp or call.  And complete support for the students will be given.  For any queries, contact us at +91-9080822893.

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