GATE 2025 XE Test Series

GATE 2025 XE Test Series

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Number of chapters
8 Chapterss
Number of contents
29 Lessonss
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Complete Test Series for GATE 2025 (XE-A,B,D & E). Test Series includes 17-Topicwise Test, 10-Subject Test & 12-Full Length Mock Test.  

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Total Number of Questions:

1 Mark Questions-  539 Unique Questions

2 Marks Questions-  733 Unique Questions

Total: 1,272 Unique Questions

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Validity: Until GATE 2024

Features of the Test Series:

  • Exact GATE Level Questions
  • Leader board (Ranking)-Get to know where you stand among other aspirants
  • Test Overall Statistics
  • Answer keys with Detailed solutions
  • Time analytics for each questions
  • Subject wise Analysis
  • Section wise Analysis
  • MCQ, MSQ & NAT-all types of Questions as per GATE Exam Pattern
  • Validity: Until GATE 2025

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can access the test series anytime or only at the date of activation?

  •  Yes, it can be accessed anytime. Date of activation is date when the test will be released and you can access anytime after that.

2) What if we get any doubt in the Question?

  • Discussion Forum will be available and you can post your doubts and you will get response from our faculty.

3) Will it be of GATE Level?

  • Test Series will be exactly of GATE Level. Free Demo Test is available,you can access it and decide.

4) Will I able to access the Test series from mobile?

  • Yes, we have our both Android and IOS App where you can access our Test.

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